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What I wanted was the highest level of absolute fishing results!


[Sasa Lab Sea Bream Rabane Tie Series]

The difference is the action of the tie that always brings stable fishing results even under tough conditions. Aiming at the Akashi, Kada, and Naruto brand breams, which are absolutely difficult and make a big difference in fishing results, the "Sasa Lab bream mule tie series" is finally born, which embodies Yozo Sasaki's 20 years of experience. I was particular about the buoyancy of the tie and the thickness of the silicon. Verify the best thickness in 0.02mm increments from 0.2 to 0.4mm. Experience the overwhelming difference in action that has been derived through a daunting test period. To the angler who understands the real thing, Sasa Lab does not betray the fishing results.


Sasa Lab Tie

Cobra curly

It starts moving quickly at slow speed.

Cobra Curly, the standard model of Sasa Lab. Sasa Lab's original "Cobra Trigger" grabs the water firmly and starts moving at a slow speed faster than any shape. Daidai is also crazy about the action of the cobra tie full of life.


[Cobra trigger design concept]

1) The cobra trigger flutters like a fan, transmitting a glossy movement to the tip of the tie even in a dead throw.
2) The cobra trigger part spreads to the left and right to avoid hooking the tie.
3) Even if the tie is too thin, it will be overwhelmed by the water flow. The key is the cobra trigger action created by "thickness" x "shape".

◉ タイラバネクタイの選び方


Sasa Lab Tie Cobra Curly

Material / Silicon

1 pack 4 pieces

¥ 550 (tax included)

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