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Japanese lure fishing

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The origin of my fishing is the fishing port in front of Hachimangu in Shonan Tomioka, Kanagawa Prefecture, where my grandparents' house was. After learning to swim, I was absorbed in goby, fat greenling, and horse mackerel fishing. Such Tomioka fishing port is now completely reclaimed, and it has no remnants of what it used to be.


In my 60 years of fishing life, I arrived at a Japanese lure. It is said that the Jomon people fluttered the skeletal hook from the dugout canoe and fished. Bait fishing began in the Yayoi period, after iron was imported. Then, the hypothesis that "Jomon people are Luerman !?" also holds. I'm excited to think that it was the birthplace of lures (pseudo bait) because Japan is surrounded by the sea on all sides.


That's why I launched "FISHING LABO Saiki" to develop and provide even better quality fishing gear such as the origin of Japanese lures, hairpins, sabiki, bait trees, jigs, tenten, inchiku, snapper mules, etc. ..

I will walk step by step.



Representative Hiromi Sasaki


■ Self introduction

Born in Nakano-ku, Tokyo in 1955


Representative of FISHING LABO Sasaki

Representative of Office Salud!

Fishing Club "LURE & FLY SUNTORY ÔPA!" Chairman

Shimano Advisor Co., Ltd.

Kinryu Hou Special Staff


Makushima (Izumo City, Shimane Prefecture)

Satoshi Awa (Anan City, Tokushima Prefecture)

Joy Fisher (Sakaiminato, Tottori Prefecture)


Facebook: Fishing Labo Sasaki

Facebook: Yozo Sasaki

Instagram: sasaki_hiromi0403


TV: Adult Fishing Club (Sun TV, Kanagawa TV)

In search of fishing romance (TV TOKYO)

BSTV: 100 views of fishing

Newspaper: Sankei Sports

Breaking news of fishing spots (Meiko Tsushinsha)

Magazine: Fishing Pictorial (Million Echo Publishing)

Boat Fishing (Million Echo Publishing)

Salt World (Ei-Publishing)

Fishing Maru (Magazine Magazine)

Salt water (Chikyumaru)

Fishing Cafe (Shimano)

[Serial article]

・ Collaboration with Announcer Muranishi (monthly)

・ Collaboration with Kanon Kamii (monthly) This magazine's page Sankei Sports

・ Articles related to sea bream mules Fishing Zuba and Kansai Sankei Sports

・ "Sea Bream Mule Fishing Tour" (Monthly) Tsurisoku Meiko Tsushinsha

・ "Red snapper mule study" (serialized 24 times) Tsurisoku Meiko Tsushinsha

・ "Sea Bream Mule Study 2" (serialized 12 times) Tsurisoku Meiko Tsushinsha

・ "Fishing Night Drunk 2" (Monthly) Fishing Pictorial Million Echo Publishing

・ "Fishing Night Sickness 1" (serialized 24 times) Fishing Pictorial Million Echo Publishing

・ Special article Boat Fishing Million Echo Publishing

・ "Japan Fishing Ground Travelogue" (serialized 30 times) Salt World Ei-Publishing Co., Ltd.

・ "Systematically capture red sea bream" Tairaba Bible Ei-pubingu

・ Special article Separate volume Fishing gear Ing Ei-pubing company

・ "Special Feature" Tairaba Magazine SHUFUNOTOMO

・ "Jomon people are Luerman ⁉︎" Saltwater Chikyumaru

[Self record]

・ Red sea bream 92cm (Yakushima)

・ Dogtooth tuna 60.5kg (Cairns)

・ Ito 112cm (Sakhalin)

・ Rockfish 29cm

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